Dear Old Golden Rule Days… 1st Day of Kindergarten


The First Day of Kindergarten started off happy


Nerves started to set in outside the school building


Fear and sadness set in when it was time for me to leave. I never imagined I would be one of those parents who cried on the first day of Kindergarten, but my heart was hurting so badly for my precious, sensitive girl. At the end of the day her teacher personally walked Natalie out to me. She wanted to tell me that Natalie was an Angel and that she already loved my sweetie.


On the 7th Day of school it was Natalie’s turn to be Queen of the Day. She had to take 5 objects that represented things that are an important part of her life. Natalie chose swimming, owls, ballet, Katie & Louie her Newfoundland dogs and being adopted.


As a bonus she also wore one of her Chinese dresses.


The day was a super big deal to Natalie. She requested a throne to sit on at dinner time, so I decorated our biggest chair with lots of bows. She wore the crown she had been given at school. Natalie also requested her very favorite food in the whole world for dinner which is called “Dirty D” pizza. It’s just about my favorite thing to eat as well so I happily obliged. It has zucchini, spinach, feta cheese and Rotel tomatoes. Yum!!!


Playing school in the hallway. All of the animal students have been assigned reading material by Ms. Natalie


Natalie and a classmate were chosen to receive a good character award for being respectful.


Mommy and Louie were the mystery readers at school. Natalie was so thrilled. We have been back several times since then. The last time we went Katie came along to meet the kids.


Natalie’s biographical note after a few weeks of school

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