Family Day… 4 Years Together

November 7th, 2015 was the 4th anniversary of our family day.  Natalie and I had an absolutely wonderful, fun filled day together.

An International Cultural Festival at Natalie’s school fell on the same day .  Children with backgrounds from other countries were encouraged to wear their ethnic clothes.  We love the fact that there is a huge amount of diversity at this school. Many countries were represented by the children and by booths at the festival.  We had a great time in each “country” playing games, getting Natalie’s pretend passport stamped, working on a pictorial scavenger hunt, getting Natalie’s name written in 10 different languages, visiting with friends and eating an amazing variety of scrumptious food.  Natalie wore one of her Chinese dresses.  Below she is pictured with two of her best friends… twins of Indian background.

After the festival we went home, changed clothes and loaded up Katie and Louie for a hike on the Rocky Valley Trail of Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  It was Nat’s first time using my hiking poles which I shortened for her.  It helped her immensely on the hilly, rocky terrain.  The four of us had a wonderful time.

Next, we went home where Nat changed into a different Chinese dress. Then we headed to a Japanese Hibachi  restaurant (we decided to do this since we had Chinese food for lunch).  It was Natalie’s first time seeing the Japanese food prepared in elaborate style in front of her.  She was in awe of the “fancy” cooking.

What a wonderful day it was with my dearest, darling Natalie Wanhan.  Natalie tells me almost every day how happy she is that I am her mother and of course I return the sentiment wholeheartedly.  We are so very blessed to have each other.

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