January 2016

Yay… I’m almost caught up on blog posts.  At least I’m in the right year now.


Playing sleepy time with her dolls & animals


Nat still sleeps with Cindy & Betsy every night – she’s had them since she was 2


Going to a Bday celebration


Snow Day!!!


Her handwriting has improved so much this school year


Putting the barbies to bed…note one is sleeping in the bathtub

In Mid January Natalie was in a dance showcase which was mostly an opportunity for the dancers to do a full dress rehearsal before their first competition in March.  She had a great time being around all of her dancing friends.  Natalie also gets a big thrill anytime she gets to wear makeup which is only when she is performing on stage or during Halloween.

Natalie and friends celebrated her 6th birthday at River City Gymnastics.  Everyone had a wonderful time jumping and playing on all of the fun equipment.  I’m so grateful that Natalie has such a sweet group of friends.


The birthday girl is about to jump into the foam pit.


The Birthday Crew!

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