How to Introduce Yourself to a Stranger Dog

At the beginning of February I took both of the Newfoundlands to visit Natalie’s classroom.  I taught a lesson to the kids on how to introduce yourself to a dog you don’t know.  I left Katie with the front office staff and took Louie to the classroom first.  Since Louie had already been around the children several times I let them practice all of the below steps on him.  Then I traded the dogs out (the office staff was thrilled to watch each of them in turn) and took Katie to meet the kids.  Since Katie was a true stranger dog it was wonderful practice.  Every child had a turn following the 5 steps.  I was so proud of all of the children and of the dogs.  Everyone did a fantastic job.

Introduce to Stranger Dog

PDF version:   Introduce to Stranger Dog


In the lobby of school after the lesson is done.


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