Meet Our Newest Family Members


Remy and Riley are Ragdoll kittens that are currently 5 1/2 and 5 months old (respectively).  Ragdoll cats are the second largest breed of domestic cats and are often referred to as “gentle giants”… just like our Newfoundland dogs are.  Remy is going to be a big boy… at least 20 pounds (we named him after a huge sweet Newf that we know). He already weighs more than 8 pounds and he eats a ton!!  His nickname is Mr. Big.  Riley’s nickname is Little Bit.  I’m guessing he was the runt of the litter.  He will still be bigger than an average cat, but much smaller than Remy. The boys are double first cousins (moms are sisters, dads are brothers).  They were born 18 days apart and became best friends after Remy came to Riley’s aid as Riley was being picked on by his sisters.  Remy was going to be a show/breeder cat in Japan but his breeder changed her mind about sending him overseas.  Riley had already been adopted by a couple who had to return him after 3 days because the husband turned out to be highly allergic to cats.  Lots of people were interested in adopting Remy, but Anne let us have him because she really wanted to keep the best friends together.  They are both very sweet but very different in personality.  Remy is more laid back and Riley is quite wild at times.  Natalie loves them and plays with them every day. Many thanks to Anne Paul of Cajun Ragdolls for these sweet kitties.

I introduced the cats to Katie and Louie one time. Louie was his usual laidback sweet self.  When he was laying down on the floor the kittens thought he was ok, but the moment he stood up they got a bit scared.  I have no doubt that with some supervised visits the kittens and Louie could become fast friends.  However, I do have doubts about Katie.  She was a bit overly exuberant when she met the kittens.  It’s not that she did anything wrong at all, but I saw too much excitement in her eyes. Between Katie’s enthusiasm and the wild antics of the kittens I was worried that the combination of the three of them might be a recipe for disaster.  There is no telling what kind of trouble they could get into.



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