Little Rock Dance Competition

Natalie and her 11 teammates had their final competition of the season this April in Little Rock.  The baseball dance – shown in the second video below – won first place for their age group.  It was a musical theater The car dance (a Jazz dance) shown in the following video got third place.

By the way, there is another little Chinese American girl on Natalie’s team.  With their hair pulled back and stage make up on the two girls look a bit alike from far away.  Natalie is the one on the left side of the videos and group pictures.









1688x2250.jpeg.b22ea98a896b4f6d9c41cca37cd91190When I asked Natalie which types of dance are her favorite she said, “Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet and Tap!  All of them Mama!” Natalie is just a beginning dancer, but seeing her face light up when she is on the stage makes her look absolutely amazing to me.

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