A Visit to a Tattoo Parlor

Natalie has been asking to have her ears pierced for over a year.  I thought the end of summer would be a perfect time since she can’t go swimming in public pools for 3 months after the piercing.  Also, I wanted her ears to have plenty of time to heal before dance competitions start up early next year since she will have to wear her heavier company dance earrings then.

I did a bunch of research (as usual 🙂 ) to find out the best place to go.  The first thing I learned is that places that use piercing guns like stores at the mall are not the best route.  The guns can not be 100% sterilized which can lead to infection. The people wielding them are not professionals.  Reputable tattoo parlors that offer piercing use completely sterile utensils and needles.  Upon a recommendation from a friend we contacted 7th Street Tattoo in Little Rock.  A super sweet woman named Angela told me she will do ear piercing for children as long as the child wants it done (not just the parent’s decision).  As required we took Natalie’s birth certificate.

After talking to Natalie, giving us detailed after care instructions and letting her choose her earrings, Angela set Natalie on a booster cushion up on a table.  She carefully measured multiple times and made dots perfectly in the center of Nat’s earlobes.  After getting my approval on placement she called in another piercer.  The ladies each put a clamp that has a small hole in the center of it on each of Nat’s ears.   Then in perfect sync they pushed long needles through the marked dots.  The actual piercing took about 1/10th of a second.  Natalie didn’t flinch or have a single tear in her eye.  All 3 of us were looking at her asking if she was ok.  She later admitted to me that it did hurt, but that it was just so very quick that she didn’t need to cry. Angela and the other piercer were impressed by my brave sweetheart.  I was too… as I am every single day.

Natalie picked red earrings because “Red is a lucky color in China”.

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