June 2016-South Carolina & New York

In early June, Nat and I travelled to South Carolina to visit the SC Grandparents. We had a wonderful time with them. Natalie – a huge animal lover – was thrilled to spend time with their diverse clowder of cats.  During our visit we took a trip to Congaree National Park and took a 2 1/2 mile walk on a boardwalk through a swamp.  It was gorgeous, but we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any snakes.  Natalie has a fondness for them as well.

From SC we flew to NYC to visit Sissy. She lives right on the beach on the Rockaway Peninsula. The water was freezing cold… painfully so… but we were at the beach so we went in anyway. We had a grand time splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, hunting for shells, walking the dog Stella and spending time with our sweet Sissy.

Natalie spent the rest of June having playdates, swimming almost every day, dancing at RCDC for about 11 hours a week, working on reading fluency and creating a piece of art for a gallery show in September.

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