About Our Family

“Welcome home to the Happy Haus” is the greeting I used to receive from Gary when we arrived home from work each day. Gary and I brought our daughter Natalie home from China in November 2011 to live with us in our cozy cottage, the original Happy Haus. In October of 2013, we unexpectedly lost Gary, our dear husband, father and friend. In September of 2014, we moved into what Natalie has named “The New Happy Haus” which we share with Natalie’s sweet grandparents, my mother and stepfather.
Our family also includes our two sweet Newfoundland dogs, Katie and Louie. Newfoundlands are working dogs, so we make sure our two always have a job to do. Katie and Louie are both certified therapy dogs and bring lots of joy to people who are in need of some Newfie love. They have also competed in Rally Obedience. Katie has earned a Rally Advanced title and Louie has earned a Rally Excellent title. In keeping with Newf tradition, Katie has become a proficient draft dog while Louie prefers practicing water rescue whenever he gets an opportunity. They are also both protectors of their little sister, Natalie.
In February of 2016 we added 2 Ragdolls kittens to our family.  Remy (a Seal bi-color) and Riley (a Blue Mitted Lynx).  They are double first cousins (moms are sisters, fathers are brothers), 18 days apart in age and the very best of friends.  Ragdolls cats are the second largest breed of domestic cats.  Interestingly, like Newfoundland dogs, Ragdoll cats are often referred to as “Gentle Giants” and the moniker definitely fits these two sweethearts. Life in the Happy Haus just got even more interesting.
~ Charity

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